Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hiline Homes Management Disgusting

BWe are having a home built by Hiline Homes (Centralia Office) in Packwood, Wa. We were due to complete our final walk through as the home was almost complete on September 5, 2008, but have yet to sign off on the home; accepting the work completed by Hiline. On September 3, 2008 we received a phone call from neighbor stating that there was water pouring out over our foundation. We asked them to enter the home to access the damage, turn off the water connection on the outside of the home, and call us with any information. We immediatly called Hiline to inform them of the problem only to be told that they would go up the next morning to look it over. We explained that the entire home was saturated, wicking up the walls, and ruining wood doors, trim and more. On September 4, 2008, we received a phone call at approx 8:00 AM from Jamen Behr, stating that he had gone up to the home the night of the 3rd, brought the plumber, but didn't call us to meet him up there. He explained it as vandalism, had made a phone call to the Lewis Co Sheriff's office, and told us that Hiline would not be responsible for the damage and would not be completing any of the work to fix the home. He stated that it was really bad, and that we should get started on drying it out as soon as possible as not to incur any other damage. We were told that because it was "vandalism" they would not be involved and that we should call our insurance company right away. We disputed the vandalism claim. When he was asked if there were any broken windows, doors, or forced entry he said no and that the deputy could not find any sign of entry either. (no fingerprints, footprints, mud, etc) (the vandal would have had to enter the home with the hidden key, and exit the home, lock the doors, and replace the key to the hidden location) Jamen claimed that the vandalism act was simply that the washing machine valve was turned on ever so slightly (less than a quarter of the way) . He also told us that he was in the home on August 30, 2008, and that the home was secure, locked and dry. What he failed to tell us was that he brought his wife, mother, and two children through our home for a tour on the 30th - no business was conducted- and the timing would match the amount of water in the home if someone would have bumped the valve, or a child turned on the valve. We have contacted the deputy who responded, and he stated that there were no signs what so ever of entry, and that the area has not had any vandalism acts. Hiline refuses to take responsibility of the water damage, even though we have not signed off on the home, which is still under the construction phase, walked away from a saturated home, and told us that it was our responsibility to get it dried out and fixed. They have refused to put anything in writing. We are concerned about the bogus police complaint that was made to cover themselves, and the vandalism verbage used was so that our insurance would be responsible. Hiline has completely dropped the ball on our home as they have received all of their payments and have been paid in full.eware Hiline Homes Management Practice.

The managment continues to state they have no idea how the valve was opened 1/4 of turn and to dump all the damage they caused onto us. The managment will not respond to our questions and refuse to communicate with us. The house is still not finished and has not been turned over to us by Hiline. They are a dispicable company and if you are conisdering using them you have been warned.